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Fine Furniture and Cabinet Making




Welcome to Ammonite Furniture. I have been lucky enough to earn my living working with wood since completing a degree in design in 1982, first as a luthier and more recently as a bespoke furniture designer and cabinet maker.

I have always been interested in furniture, its design and construction, how it works in the environment, its feel and textures. As you can see, the design of my handmade furniture is first and foremost about functionality and employs a clean, classic simplicity in its form. Above all I want my work to be used and enjoyed.

All my furniture is made to commission. Each piece is unique and arises out of a discussion between the client and myself as to what you want, what it’s for, where it will go and what materials it will be made of.

Each piece of furniture is delivered with a signed and dated certificate which acts as your guarantee and also has a small ammonite logo branded into a hidden place along with the date.

Please get in touch if you would like to talk about what you have in mind.