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Fine Furniture and Cabinet Making




Wood is the starting point for my work. I use both solid woods and decorative veneers. Wood is a strong, resilient, beautiful and versatile material with a different surprise in every piece, be it the way the grain forms intricate and interweaving patterns or the subtle changes in shade and colour.

I am particularly interested in the juxtaposition of contrasting woods and how they can be used together to enhance each other and bring a different dimension to a piece of furniture. Hence I like to show construction details such as dovetails which would normally be hidden.

There is also a huge variety of decorative woods and veneers that can be used to great effect in a piece of furniture - for instance burrs. These are caused by either stress to a tree, or a fungus and can result in a highly-figured swirl of beautiful patterns.

All the wood I use is responsibly sourced from managed woodlands and has been properly seasoned and kiln-dried which imparts stability - essential if your piece of furniture is to last a lifetime.








Rippled Sycamore


Quilted Maple




Olive Ash